July 2015 | Issue 51 Sneak Peek – No Beanstalks, Just Giants

When I refer to Issue #51 as a giant-sized issue, I mean it more metaphorically than literally. (Though, as a lifelong Marvel Comics fan, there is a certain appeal to a giant-sized print issue. Hmm…) This month, we’ve got the inside scoop on Jotun, the successfully crowdfunded adventure title from Thunder Lotus Games. If you’re a fan a Norse mythology, or epic action, you’ll want to check out our exclusive feature, followed by a chat with creator William Dubé. I can also confirm that we’ve got some exclusive information about the newly revealed Cave Jotun that you won’t find anywhere else! Seriously, the info was created specifically for IGM. Don’t miss it!


If slaying giants in a quest for redemption doesn’t sound tempting, perhaps you’re more of an MMO/social gaming person. If so, our in-depth feature and interview with the team behind CrossCode is sure to catch your eye. A lot of games feature a silent protagonist, but not too many of them feature a literally mute lead. CrossCode plays with this idea a bit, but you’ll have to check out our coverage for a deeper explanation as to the how and why.


On top of these great features, we’ve got a number of reviews and previews of the latest indie games. This issue even features a tech review, for those interested in animation rigging. Plus, we’ve got a world exclusive game reveal in our Game Watch segment; you’ll see it first only in the pages of IGM! But first, take a look at this month’s free preview, as well as a brief tease of our Cover Story:


The basic premise of Jotun is that Thora must impress the Gods before she is granted entry into Valhalla, a place where the spirits of all proud Norse warriors go after they fall in honorable combat. The problem for Thora, though, is that she died an inglorious death, and must therefore prove herself to the Gods during her time in Purgatory before it’s too late. The details about how Thora died stripped of honor are currently a mystery, and Jotun designer/coder/business guy Will Dubé wants to keep it that way. Considering the game’s emphasis on story and exploration, the team’s desire to preserve any narrative details until players experience it for themselves doesn’t come as much of a surprise.


What we can instead focus on, is the gameplay itself. With an Alpha available for Kickstarter backers and a demo making the press/convention rounds, much of Jotun’s combat has been proudly displayed over the past few months. In addition to this, details about the exploratory aspects of the game have slowly trickled out over months of development updates, courtesy of Dubé, as well as some new tidbits I pried out of him for this issue’s accompanying interview segment. But before delving into the nitty-gritty of gameplay, it’s important to understand Thora’s environment, and the role Purgatory plays in the game.


Below, you’ll find a look at this month’s cover, as well as the breakdown of all the exciting content published in Issue #51:


Also Featured this Month: Ori and the Blind Forest. This month we chat with composer Gareth Coker, whose highly praised work can most recently be found in Ori and the Blind Forest. Coker has a unique background in music, and the process of working with Moon Studios on Ori was quite different than many other game composer experiences.


Reviewed this Month: Rigging and Animation Techniques in Spine, Swords & Soldiers II, Lemma, Axis Football 2015, Duck Game, Spaceforce: Rogue Universe HD


Previewed this Month: Through the Woods, Defragmented, Blitzkrieg 3, Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!


Extended Previews this Month: Victory Command, Super Daryl Deluxe, Ninja Pizza Girl, Rampage Knights


Indie Ads this month: RETRO Magazine


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