Just Beneath The Skin jumps to Kickstarter

Ah, the good old days of the 16-bit RPG. Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy VI, Earthbound… the era was certainly the golden age of role-playing games.


It’s no surprise then that so many indie RPGs are seeking to continue that golden age and Just Beneath The Skin is the latest. In the developer’s own words: “Just Beneath The Skin is a cinematic/action puzzle RPG revolving around Shyla, whom unknowingly and unwillingly is forced into battling for her life and for the lives of many others. Shyla takes on the world as she unravels the secrets that lie just beneath her skin, revealing an alien God that wishes to live again”.


It actually looks pretty decent and there has clearly been an awful lot of work put into the game, cheesy promotional video notwithstanding. Just Beneath The Skin is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.


At the time of writing, the game is at $22.00 of its modest $5,000 goal, with 26 days to go. It certainly looks interesting and the developer is clearly passionate about the project, having worked on it for a number of years: it was originally intended to be a series of books. We think it looks better as a game, with a decent atmosphere and some adorable 16-bit graphics.

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