Keep Calm and Find Clues in Sherlock Holmes: Lost Detective

Over a century ago, Sherlock Holmes went missing, and, now, a masked man is recreating the famous detective’s cases down to the very last detail. Players take on the role of a rookie Scotland Yard agent and must hunt down clues to try to piece together the solution to the modern-day puzzle. Clue finding is elementary, dear player.


Sherlock Holmes: Lost Detective was originally released as a Facebook game, and is now being released for iOS devices. Working alongside players in the game is someone who claims to be Sherlock Holmes, and players must track down leads, find clues, and solve puzzles in order to determine what happened to the famous detective, and whether or not their partner is the man himself.

The first season is broken down into ten episodes; each episode contains new locations with special mysteries to solve. Players must piece together clues and messages at crime scenes, and the faster they can go, the bigger the rewards will be. Chains of found items and solved clues will create bigger bonuses. It can be difficult to find the right items in the messy scenes, but the most astute of rookie detectives will be able to solve the crime.

Sherlock Holmes: Lost Detective is created by The Other Guys, and co-founder Pablo Mayer says they are “always looking for new ways to tell stories through games.” Players have to find out the identity of the masked man, find out why he’s so obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, and determine who the man helping them solve cases is. The game offers point-and-click style exploration in order to solve the puzzles.


Sherlock Holmes: Lost Detective is available for free for iOS devices via the App Store. For more information about The Other Guys and their other puzzle-related games, check out their website.

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