Keep The Party Going In ‘Party Of Sin’

Earlier today a brand new trailer was unveiled for the next big 2D platformer puzzler Party Of Sin. It looks to be shaping up rather well indeed, with the ability to switch between the seven deadly sins at will, Party Of Sin is a very different and interesting take on the genre.


The game, of course draws a lot of influence from the classic model of Mario and intuitive gameplay of Trine, creating a great fusion of some of the greatest game. The swapping mechanic seems heavily influenced on the Trine idea, trading between characters to overcome the puzzles in an ever more interesting manner. It worked great in Trine and I am sure it will work fantastically in Party Of Sin, as the added variety (selection of seven multi-dimensional character) will no doubt expand on the model and make for some greatly innovative and challenging puzzles. Be sure to check out the awesome new trailer below:


Although the game is perfectly manageable to be played as a solo endeavor, it allows for the addition of up to three of your friends. This will no doubt increase the amount of fun you have with the game greatly. The Co-op feature will of course result in much hilarity as you all try to progress (whilst not trying to get one another killed) and will allow you all to pull together to complete the games ever more complex puzzles.


Party Of Sin looks fantastic fun from the trailer and anyone who is a big fan of 2D puzzle platformers will no doubt get a great deal of fun for their money and time investment. Party Of Sin is still in development but is starting to look very polished so hopefully the launch will not be too long now (fingers crossed).


If Party Of Sin appeals to you hop over to the official Crankshaft Games site here to grab your pre-order, and with three different offers to tempt you greed may very well be your undoing.

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