‘Knite & The Ghost Lights’ Channels Tim Burton In Its Artistic Design

No, the image you see above is not from the set of the next Tim Burton/Henry Selick film, but it’s a screenshot from Knite & The Ghost Lights, an upcoming sidescrolling adventure from Mobot Studios. The game is currently in development for PC and Mac.

In Knite & The Ghost Lights, the land of Mistland is populated by ghostly wisps, a.k.a. the “ghost lights”, which are the wandering souls of characters essentially stuck in limbo. The game’s protagonist, the Knite, is a reluctant hero armed with a pipe which can be played to guide these lost souls to redemption.

The game utilizes hand-crafted sets and characters, and the results are quite impressive. Mobot Studios is blending traditional stop-motion animation with 2D and 3D animation technology to create seamless character movements needed for a video game while still retaining the unique feel of stop-motion animation.

There is little detail in regards to what the gameplay will be like, other than it’s , “filled with puzzles, platforming, hidden surprises, tons of magic and exploration.” The developers also mentioned that lighting will play an integral role in how the game is played.

Mobot Studios is a team of five individuals based out of Seattle, Washington. Previously, they developed the iOS game Paper Monsters, which was a hit with both critics and fans. Now with their sights aimed at an even larger target, Mobot Studios recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to assist them with the development of Knite & The Ghost Lights.

Seeking $35,000, Mobot Studios has so far managed to collect a little under $9,000 at the time of this writing. Because of the unique visual design that the game is being made with, the team is finding themselves in a situation that many game developers never run into: lack of space.

“Our lead designer’s apartment is literally full of clay,” explains Mobot Studios on their Kickstarter campaign page. “Because each completed set takes up a ton of space, we’re even trying to secure an extra room to hold all of the sets, characters, and models for the game. ”

Visit the campaign page and follow Mobot Studios on Twitter.


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