Ladra Emerges from the Pixelated Shadows

In order to prevent an insane king from starting a war, a skilled thief is tasked with ripping those plans right out from under his feet. Enter Ladra, the aforementioned skilled thief who utilizes her excellent Sam Fisher-like skills to stick to the shadows and take the fight to the acclaimed Mad King Joseph. The game runs on RPG maker and puts the shadow system to work, dimming the screen when the player is hidden in the shadows as they avoid guards and other adversaries who will leap at the chance to detain Ladra.


The title is fresh out of the indie dev cave and ready for the world to get an early glimpse at the upcoming stealth adventure. The demo is available on the developer Is Future Bright’s page here. In the game, players will experience the stealth action from a top-down oblique perspective, reminiscent of the original Metal Gear. So far, players can enjoy the early demo and get a handle on the gameplay for remaining hidden, stealing artifacts, and catching those in-game cutscenes that play out well and blend right into the gameplay (you might have to hit the action button to realize you’re no longer in a cutscene, that’s how seamless it is).


Is Future Bright can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube for those who want to keep up with the development. Be sure to keep an eye on IGM as well, as we should be hearing some new updates in the near future as development progresses.

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