Learn Through Play – Zeroes The Math Puzzle Game

Zeroes is a math puzzle game for Android smartphones and tablets. Petr Marek, a Czech student at CTU in Prague, developed the game with the intention of making math a fun and creative challenge, and allowing learn through play.


The game gives provides a challenge using spatial reasoning, while simultaneously testing the player’s math skills. Players are first given a set of immobile numbers in each puzzle, along with a set of moveable blocks with numbers and mathematical modifiers. In order to solve the puzzles, players must set the blocks over each number so as to turn them all to zero. Zeroes offers 60 puzzles divided into three worlds that each add a different game mechanic, increasing the difficulty. The first world starts with addition and subtraction, the second introduces multiplication and division, and the third world provides diagonal blocks. Petr plans to introduce an update containing square roots and exponents.


Zeroes is currently available on GooglePlay for free and without any microtransactions. The game is catered towards players seeking a logically challenging game. Practice also makes perfect when it comes to math, and this game is likely to make players consider different math equations and combinations thereof. For more information, follow Petr on Twitter or follow his blog.


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