Legends of Pixelia Brings 4-Player Co-op to Rogue-like Dungeon Crawiling

There are some gameplay elements that old school beat ‘em ups had yet to refine in the early days, and many modern players now lean towards more actionable experiences. The upcoming Legends of Pixelia looks to combine the best of both worlds.


The PC title features straight-up pixelated heroes and charming dungeons akin to the SNES era. However, modern RPG gameplay and rogue-like elements give players a choice from a wide range of classes. Initially, three are known: A nimble fighter who’s easy to combo with, a slow, the powerful barbarian, and a paladin with spells that help control crowds. Each player has five buttons to use with abilities on a cooldown, including a regular attack, so playing with a controller may prove an optimal solution. Another good reason to use pads is multiplayer, because up to four fighters can square off in player-versus-player combat, or adventure together through catacombs together.


All dungeons are procedurally generated and feature monsters and undead, each ending with a boss. Crates and chests with gold randomly spawn throughout the area. Every hero gets his progress saved between sessions, so experience gathered, along with gold earned, strengthens the class. There is also a blacksmith capable of customizing and enhancing equipment.


Legends of Pixelia is in early development, but the community can help impact its progress. SimaGames, the developer, is working on the title mostly by himself. On February 17th, he will launch an IndieGoGo campaign to boost development. His devblog details his progress.


Get updates on this multiplayer action-RPG beat ‘em up on the game’s Twitter and Facebook, and stay tuned for more coverage on IGM.

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