Let There Be Life Review – Relaxation and Creativity, Hand in Hand

Let There Be Life is a creativity and relaxation title by Backward pieS, LLC, where your job is to grow trees by placing branches, birds, bees, plants, and other flora and fauna without blocking the sun from nearby flowers, or casting shade over friendly fungi.


Let There Be Life was the happy brainstorm of a Unity contest held where the theme was ‘Do No Harm’, which inspired Backward pieS’ husband and wife combo to create something that wasn’t predictable, or common among the other entries. What came out of that brainstorm was a beautifully crafted, quaint and relaxing little game where the threat of failure is about as far away a thought as one could hope for.


The game is currently available on the Humble Store, with links to Desura and Indie Game Stand for $9.99. It is easily worth the cost for the experience that the game provides.


There are quite a few different levels in the game, offering not only new trees to grow – breaking up the puzzles of where to put your leaves so as to grow the most amount of life – but also the ability to unlock many different types of plant life and wildlife, which add small touches of flavor to help flesh out the relaxing experience. Most of these unlockables are cosmetic in nature, though a few provide new mechanics to keep the game fresh and interesting as you play through it.


The soundtrack to the game lands somewhere firmly between high fantasy, celtic, and medieval instrumentals to round out an aura of relaxation; most of the sound effects in the game are meant to be soothing, and include giggles and slide whistles when manipulating pieces around the screen.


If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing then some of the violent orchestra’s coming out this month, make sure to try out Let There Be Life; let your mind take solace and be at ease.

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