‘Limit Theory’ Offers Players A Role-Playing Real-Time Strategy Of Infinite Proportions

We’ve had many indie games with generated content crop up all over the internet. These games offer nearly limitless content and Josh Parnell’s game Limit Theory aims to provide a complete role-playing game and real-time strategy game in a procedurally-generated sandbox universe.


Promising the ability to play as a merchant, explorer, admiral, pirate, wingman, or miner, Limit Theory relies on its complete emergence to allow players to craft their own meaning in the universes they generate. The player controls a single ship but can purchase and customize more ships and hire non-player characters to operate their very own fleet. Firefights will be decided with trigger fingers as players line up their shots using traditional shooter mechanics.


To give the freedom a sense of gravity and purpose, Parnell is working hard to give the whirling infinite a life of its own. You can take jobs and become friends with the inhabitants of the galaxy as you explore. Parnell explains, “a rich social interaction system is the key to making Limit Theory more than the average single player experience. With the ability to keep track of and build relationships with the non-player characters that you meet in the universe, a whole new world of gameplay opens up, allowing for a wealth of creative ways to achieve success”.


This space exploration game has some hefty boots to fill. With what could end up becoming plain micromanaging, it seems that Limit Theory could be asking a very human question: with all  of this freedom, who would you be?


Visit Limit Theory‘s official website and contribute to the Kickstarter campaign.


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