LOOP – A Meditative Puzzle Game Experience

Creating a relaxing zen-like experience with a challenging game sounds like a double negative. But despite the contrary, video game developer and artist, John Cullen, managed to do just that, with his game LOOP – a tranquil puzzle game where you must shift dozens of hexagon pieces into creating an abstract image of swirly looping lines.


Unlike so many other minimal puzzle games, LOOPs focus isn’t to stress you out and rush you into solving the puzzles. There is no timer, move limit, or score, making LOOP a truly tranquil game, really encouraging the player to play at their own pace. The music is soothing and atmospheric – long synthesizer pads swell into the next chord, as the player calmly tries to put the image together. John Cullen has created a soothing, simple, intentionally meditative experience.


Though LOOP is currently set for PC, Mac, and Linux at the moment, Cullen plans for a mobile port in the future, which would be a perfect fit for this game. There is a demo available that you can download here.


LOOP is an extremely modest Kickstarter campaign, asking for only £250 (which roughly translates to $412). Cullen states that the goal amount will be used to pay for licensing fees, as well as getting the game onto Steam Greenlight. Donating £5 ($8) will get you a copy of the zen-like game!


You can follow the official LOOP Twitter here, and also like the Facebook page here.

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