Ludum Dare 22 Winners Announced, Next Compo Dated

It’s been a full two weeks since the voting on the 891 entries in the 22nd Ludum Dare contest started, now the results are in and the winners announced. In the meantime, the 23rd Ludum Dare competition has been announced and dated; coincidentally it will be a 10th anniversary event too.


The 22nd Ludum Dare Competition saw a record turn out with a whopping 717 entries submitted to the main competition, all of them being made in 48 hours or less between December 16th-18th 2011. The slightly more casual Jam event had 174 entries submitted after a 72 hour development session by its participants. With all the entries submitted, each an interpretation of the them Alone, the games were then judged by those signed up with Ludum Dare according to the 5 star rating system that includes a rating for: innovation, theme, fun, graphics, audio, humor, overall and community. A new rating category was introduced with this event too, asking people to vote on each game’s mood for the first time.


The overall winner of the main competition was saint11′s Frostbite, which is a very atmospheric 2D action platformer about a “post apocalyptic soldier in a watchtower going mad on a nuclear winter, seeing things and with some serious memory problems”.


You can watch a gameplay video below, download Frostbite for yourself here and visit the developers website at


The winner of the Jam competition was Wanderland’s Midas; a very neat puzzle platformer in which you must reunite with your daughter without turning her to gold.


Midas can be played in your browser on Wanderland’s official website.


You can see the Top 50 entries into the main Ludum Dare competition here and the same for the Jam event here. If you have submitted a game, now is the time to find out how you fared by logging in and tracking where you placed.


The 23rd Ludum Dare competition has now been announced now that the 22nd is behind us, it will take place during April 2012, a more exact date is not known but it will be over one of the weekends. This will also be the 10th anniversary of the Ludum Dare competition, as the first official event took place during April 2002 and the theme was Indirect Interaction. We can’t wait for the date to come up for this next one, until then, continue playing the record number of free games we have from this last event!

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