‘McDroid’ Gets A New Trailer And An Early Look At Co-Op

“A fast-paced hybrid of third person shooter, tower defense, bullet hell and real time strategy with an undercurrent of wacky, surreal humor in a colorful world,” is the long-winded way Elefantopia is defining McDroid.


To reinforce such a gargantuan description, Elefantopia released both a trailer and a fourteen-minute co-op walkthrough.


The walkthrough video shows two rounds on the multiplayer map “The Pipelines”. In the gameplay preview, the narrator shows off how players will be able to customize their robot, some of the upgrades that can be equipped, the benefits of playing co-op, and of course, the different types of enemies the game will throw at players.


In McDroid, players must collect strawberry resources and simultaneously defend the strawberries from oncoming waves of grub-like aliens. Leaving strawberries uncollected can be disastrous, as the alien grubs tend to consume the fruit and then mutate as a side-effect of eating the berries. Each enemy type (there are over twenty) functions differently from the rest, so players will have to quickly identify and plan defensively, or offensively, once they see these foes enter the combat area.


McDroid features both a single-player campaign and a separate co-op experience which supports drop-in-and-play mechanics. To make things even more convenient, Elefantopia is including cross-platform cloud saving. Start a level on a PC, finish it later on your iPad, for example.


Visit the McDroid’s official website, and follow the game on Twitter.

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