McMillen: ‘The Binding Of Isaac’ PS Vita Port A Possibility

Edmund McMillen has been answering some fan questions which had him revealing some new details about the upcoming Wrath of the Lamb expansion for The Binding of Isaac and even giving a positive response to the likelihood of a Playstation Vita port of the roguelike.


Keeping up with the reveals that Edmund McMillen posts around the net for his various projects is a full time job in itself nowadays. In his latest question and answering session on his FormSpring account, revealed that a new playable character will form part of the upcoming Wrath of the Lamb expansion for The Binding of Isaac. Given the game’s many biblical references, the best guess is that Samson, the new character, will be grounded in the story of Samson; a man that was given tremendous strength by God to defeat his enemies, including the well-known tackle with a lion. Of course, all of Samson’s strength was sapped once his hair was cut by Delilah, leading to his demise. Whether this will translate into the character in the expansion is unknown at this time. We do know that Samson will “be unlocked by doing something bold” according to McMillen.


McMillen also confirmed that there will be new bosses with the expansion, “some odd ones and some that are a bit familiar”. He later expanded on this by confirming that some of the bosses will be upgraded bosses like Monstro 2 and that there will be alternate unlockable bosses on each floor. There will also be new overpowered items to find but will apparently cost a bit more to unlock in the store or hinted that you may have to beat Satan, as you do to acquire Mom’s Knife at the moment. He also expanded on this later by saying, “There is an item that turns you into a Mulligan and lets you shoot out blue attack flies that protect you by going out and attacking enemies.” He also noted that while he has his own ideas, and Himsl may soon have his, they may consider taking people’s ideas if they like time and putting them in the expansion.


The other answers that McMillen gave included a confirmation that Team Meat’s next game, which is currently being worked on by Tommy Refenes, would be coming to Android and Steam and not just iOS devices as fans feared.


The only other significant information was that another handheld could be treated to The Binding of Isaac other than the 3DS port which is already in the works.


With this question, a fan asked, “is TBOI for the ps vita a possibility?” to which McMillen simply stated “yes”. This probably means that McMillen has intentions to port The Binding of Isaac to the Vita very soon, or has already set the motion flowing as he has done with the 3DS.

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