‘Metagolf’ Is Open To All, Public Beta Style

Metagolf isn’t just the zaniest golf game in a long while, it’s also now available for you to play in its beta version, so call the caddy and get cracking.


Not being a particular fan of any sports game, the mention of golf in gaming is generally considered moan-inducing around me. However, spice up your regular golf game with a bit of 2D platforming, gauntlets and up to 4 player competitive matches and you might just grab my attention. Scratch that, you will definitely grab my attention because that’s exactly what Metagolf is about and my goodness, I want to play some golf now.


As you can see in that header, Metagolf is a pretty, sidescrolling golf-oriented game. The gameplay involves thwacking your golf ball across the golf course, but this is no ordinary green; it even makes crazy golf seem very sensible and middle class. Metagolf introduces multi-tiered gold courses in which a spot of water is just a trifling matter and a spike pit is more of a problem. Try getting your golf ball through a gauntlet without it being destroyed too – I love the sense of fun and imagination in Metagolf.


Add on top of that the capability for 4 player local multiplayer which sees you all swinging your clubs to get your ball into the hole first and you have yourself quite the package. You can try it out yourself right now as well, if you just head over to the official website and click on a few things you can get the beta version running. To save you some hassle though, here is a direct link, right here, you just need to pick Windows, Mac or Linux and you’re off.


You can purchase Metagolf right now too and it’s pay-what-you-want, of course we encourage you to be as generous as you can, especially for such a unique and fun game.


You can find out more information about Metagolf over on the official website.

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