‘Metagolf’ Swings Into Last Public Beta, Last Chance For Half Price Purchases

Perhaps the only game based around golf that we’ll happily play for more than 10 minutes, Metagolf‘s last beta has been released and this means it’s your last chance to pick it up for half price.


Metagolf is a sidescrolling action platformer with a mini-golf twist. It supports up to four players and challenges them with whacking a golf ball from the start of the level to the hole as is usually the case. Not so typical of your golfing experience are the many hazards, puzzles and mazes that lay in waiting. Landing in the rough or a bunker are the least of your worries. The gravity fields, creatures, teleporters and conveyor belts (plus lots more) should be more of a concern. You better hope that you have a normal ball too, though having a Bouncy, Sticky, Death, Cubic, Rugby or Hedgehog ball is much more exciting.


As you can tell, Metagolf‘s quite the triumph on principal alone, and it’s much better giving it a go your self – check out our experience with the game in our preview. We haven’t even mentioned that it has a level editor yet – a wonder for replay value.


With the release of what its developer is saying is the last beta, now is the last time to grab the game for the $4 minimum from the official site, Desura or Indievania.


Metagolf is due for release in August 2012 on PC, Mac and Linux so get the practice in now!


More information on Metagolf can be found over on the game’s official website.

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