Metroidvania-style SOURCE Heads to Kickstarter

(CAUTION: SOURCE contains bright lights and flashing objects, and can potentially cause light-induced seizures. This article contains a video of the gameplay in action, so those with a history of epilepsy or light-induced seizures may want to avoid playing the video.)


Looking for a fresh take on Metroidvanias that ditches the nostalgic 8-bit aesthetic in favor of next-gen graphics and fully 3D worlds? SOURCE, the current project by developer Fenix Fire, has all that and a firefly too. The project was recently shown off at PAX East, to coincide with the launch of their Kickstarter campaign, and now the husband and wife team are looking for support from the community.


An action adventure title that blends puzzle solving and exploration with a unique narrative told completely through visual cues, SOURCE puts players in control of a firefly-esque creature with the ability to absorb and manipulate the world’s energy. Unfortunately for the beautiful, bio luminescent world, this alternate dimension is being consumed by dark energy, and it’s the firefly’s job to put a stop to the impending extinction of life.


Fenix Fire is looking for $50k to fully fund SOURCE, with all funds going directly into the project. This includes adding a soundtrack and hiring a concept artist, and the team is hoping to improve the overall AI systems as well. In terms of backer rewards, there are a number of incentives to pledge at higher tiers, including Kickstarter-exclusive tee shirts, a hardcover art book, and even an 8″ statuette. As little as $10 nets backers a copy of the game for their choice of Xbox One, PS4, or PC.


If all goes according to plan, SOURCE is on track for release in August 2015 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC (most likely through Steam). More information about the game can be found on the Fenix Fire website, and progress updates can be tracked via social media through Twitter and Facebook.

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