Mighty Retro Zero Brings Back the Mighty 8-bit

The developers at Kronbits are deep in development of their upcoming minimalistic, Mega Man style platformer that pays tribute to all the great classics. It goes by the name Mighty Retro Zero and stars a miniature pixelated protagonist who itches for adventure.


The gameplay is filled to the brim with excitement and action, featuring a pumping techno soundtrack, a jetpack, and witty, challenging level design, always leaving the retro game enthusiast thirsting for more. There are also hilarious in-game references to well loved games, such as everybody’s favorite fairy from Ocarina of Time, and the highly creative and interactive style menu, which allows you to control the protagonist in order to select an option. The game currently has three game modes planned: History, Retro, and Time Attack/Puzzle, hopefully with more on the way.


Mighty Retro Zero is currently in its Alpha stage, which will be available to play as of tomorrow. To see the game on Steam, make sure you give it your Greenlight vote of approval, and for merchandise lovers, treat yourselves to a Mighty Retro Zero themed t-shirt, composed of a mouth-watering blend of polyester, cotton and rayon, or scroll through the dazzling array of iPhone and iPod cases, mugs, and more.


For the latest Mighty Retro Zero development news, check out Kronbits on Twitter and Facebook. And don’t forget to follow IGM on Twitter for more retro goodness, and news about the hottest indie games to grace the planet.

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