Minimalist Reaction Game Fallen Drops on Mobile Devices

Fallen is a reaction-based mobile game under development by Teaboy Games, a new studio made up of a trio of aspiring game makers brought together by the English game incubator program ‘Gameshub.’ The game features a minimalist design scheme, focusing instead on simple colors and intuitive gameplay that challenges players to survive for as long as possible.


Fallen‘s gameplay premise is simple; as dots fall from the sky, players spin the wheel at the bottom so that the corresponding side matches the color of incoming falling dots. With each successful strike, the score increases. Eventually, the worlds start to evolve and throw new challenges in the form of pins that block the path of the falling dots, making it slightly more difficult to gauge which color will fall first. Players can also catch power ups to reach higher scores with ease, either through the invincibility-inducing ‘Nitro’ or a ‘Blast’ that violently shakes the screen, annihilating a large number of falling dots.


Fallen uses ideas from Tetris and mixes it with the smooth and fast-paced gameplay of pinball. According to the development team, the game is the product of a brainstorming session in which the initial idea was to think of simplistic, pre-existing games, such as children’s blocks that need to be matched to the correct hole, and from there create a video game. The project has evolved since then, but still retains the familiar matching mechanic.


The game is scheduled to release this Summer for mobile devices. To learn more about this and future Teaboy Games projects, follow them on Twitter or ‘like’ their Facebook page.

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