‘Mousecraft’ Scurries Out From Under The Floorboards As Pre-Alpha Launches

Last Friday saw the unveiling of  Crunching Koalas first title Mousecraft. With so little information made public about the game prior to the launch of Mousecraft it has proven rather interesting to see what the game is actually all about.


Mousecraft is a puzzle game, not unlike Lemmings in which you must direct a mischief of mice to the goal, which in this case was the cheese. However the main difference in Mousecraft is you use Tetrominos! After bitching about games lacking these wonderful shapes every developer seem to want to bring them back. It’s like Christmas come early – only about 20 days early but still, you get my point.


The current release is only the early build of the game and by no means complete, but it already looks great and is very well polished for such an early build. It plays well and has some novel concepts in the way you use the blocks to redirect the mice really creating a rather fun puzzler.


The puzzles in the current pre-alpha build however are rather easy, although they do convey the concept quite nicely giving you a good feel for the overall gameplay. Hopefully the full game will contain a wider array of puzzle difficulties as the game progresses as I feel there is a lot of scope here.


Mousecraft after much teasing by the development team at Crunching Koalas has finally released, and it has not disappointed.  At present it is only 15% complete, so expect to wait well into the new year for a release date. But I hope the demo will appease your appetite for a little while in anticipation of the release.


Head over to the official Crunching Koalas site here and sign up (if you haven’t already) for Mousecraft. This will than allow you to download the current pre-alpha build and give it a go.


There is also a survey to fill out at the end of the game that will help the developers improve the title. When I filled mine out however it crashed the client. This was somewhat ironic after I had answered “no” to having any crashes in game, but its a work in progress after all.

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