Murder by Numbers

Murder by Numbers Developed by Mediatonic Releasing in 2020

Murder by Numbers is a 90s-themed detective game developed by Mediatonic. This single-player clue-finding game is releasing on several major consoles, including Nintendo Switch, in 2020. This indie game is full of sassy remarks, hilarious jokes that will make you question your sense of humor for a second, the crazy 90s fashion, and a lot more quirks. The overall gameplay of this game follows the pattern of you having to solve Pixel Puzzles. Solving each of these puzzles will give you a clue as a reward. You then use these clues to interrogate suspects and solve the case. But what is the case exactly?

It is 1996 in Los Angeles, and Honor Mizrahi has just been fired from her job as an actress on a hit TV detective show. Her boss ends up dead just a few hours after he fires her, and everyone suspects Honor for foul play. This is where the game begins. With the backdrop of TV studios, glitzy award shows, drag clubs, you get to investigate the murder of Honor’s boss as Honor and find out who is behind the murder. She also has the support and expertise of SCOUT, a robot. Will she be able to clear her name, or will they put her away on false charges?

Ed Fear, Director of Murder by Numbers, Mediatonic, says, ‘Originally proposed as part of ‘Mediatonic Minis,’ an internal initiative to create smaller, self-published games, Murder by Numbers quickly grew into a whopping project of its own – we estimate a good 10-15 hours of gameplay, and a quite scary number of words. With a tiny core team of three people, we’ve worked with a variety of contributors both internally and externally.’

It is time to get out your detective gloves and clear your name

How would you feel if you are being charged under false terms? Do you think you could have murdered someone who just fired you? Did you really kill your boss or not? Do you have it in you to clear your name? A whole lot of mysteries and murder are going to be coming your way, and it is high time for you to figure out what is going on and uncover secrets. It is the television industry, and everyone thinks you did it. They think the hatred and ego got to you, and you finally pulled the trigger on your jerk boss. But you know that it wasn’t you and someone is trying to pin the murder on you.

However, not everyone is against you. You have the support of SCOUT, a reconnaissance robot, who is willing to help you out and find out who really did kill your boss. SCOUT was abandoned under mysterious circumstances and is itself trying to find out the secrets of its past. Both SCOUT and you have missions to complete, and you join forces to clear out your name and get to know why was SCOUT abandoned for no reason whatsoever.

The game is set in an interesting plot and follows a mysterious yet not very tricky pattern. Time to time, you will come across Pixel Puzzles, which you’ll need to solve. Once you solve them, you will be given a clue, based upon which you make further investigations into the case and interrogate more people. However, since you are not the police and are also the lead suspect in the case, carrying out these investigations will be difficult and tricky for you, and people will also be wary of answering your questions.

Solve your way through the game and see if you can clear your name of the murder

Murder by Numbers is also interesting owing to the amazing background soundtrack developed by Masakazu Sugimori. Every nuance of the game feels more energetic and challenging with the amazing background music. Along with SCOUT, you are on a mission of a lifetime to uncover a murder mystery. Will it be as easy as it sounds, or will you be behind bars in no time?

Find out what your future has in store for you by playing Murder by Numbers. You can either ‘wishlist’ the game on Steam, or you can check it out on Nintendo Switch. The game will soon be releasing, early 2020, and the supported play modes are TV, Tabletop, and Handheld. So, keep an eye out for the release date of this crazy adventure and puzzle game developed by an outstanding Indie developer studio and see for yourself whether you can find out the real murderer of your boss or not.

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