‘NEStalgia’ Looks To Broaden Its Horizons

The Free-to-Play Indie Hit, NEStalgia, Sets Its Sights on Steam Greenline


Back in 2011, NEStalgia burst onto the indie gaming scene.  This 8-bit MMORPG (self-described as ”Dragon Warrior 3 meets World of Warcraft“), quickly climbed through the ranks of Reddit and received tons of positive reviews from the indie community.  Now its developers are setting their sights on a new target, succeeding in Steam’s forthcoming Greenlight system.


Since its initial release over a year ago, the team behind NEStalgia has been working hard making changes and improvements to the game.  These changes include updated graphics, streamlined gameplay, and its re-release as a standalone game that no longer requires additional software to play.


If you haven’t played NEStalgia before, know that it provides a classic RPG setting and play style, while creatively adding modern RPG features (such as auction houses and complicated quest lines that the NES couldn’t handle).  The game’s community is also very tightly knit, and allows for the odd (but brilliant) combination of modern PvP and PvE with old school combat systems.  Not only does it blend all of this almost seamlessly, but it does so at an extremely affordable price – free.  While NEStalgia does provide an optional subscription that players can purchase, it differs from other such RPGs in that the game is still highly playable without one.  If you do decide to get a subscription though, you will gain access to more character customization options as well as additional classes to choose from.



Their headquarters for this push can be found at here, and NEStalgia is also available free-to-play from their website.  We’ve also written about the previous release here. If you love Dragon Warrior style dungeon romps, then be sure to support NEStalgia on Steam Greenlight in August.

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