New Horror Adventure Game by Bandai Namco – Little Nightmares II – Releasing on PlayStation in 2020

Developed by Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Little Nightmares II is a new horror-adventure game soon to be released on PlayStation. The night is terrifying and full of horrors, terrors, and everything dark and sinister. The world is broken and distorted, and The Signal Tower has never felt more looming and scary before. There is something creeping in the shadows that you are sure will take your life without blinking an eye. The Signal Tower is littered with bloodthirsty sadists who do not care if you live or survive. They thrive off your fear and terror. No pleas of mercy and cries for help will be heard because they all fall on dead ears.

Are you ready to step into this deeply horrifying world? Do you have it in you what it takes to cross these dark trails and come out the other end shining and joyful? Of course, your heart shall keep pounding even years after you have escaped The Signal Tower, always reminding you of the terrifying time you spent in there, that is, if you are even able to ever escape its clutches. Your life awaits a ‘horrorful’ yet magnificent adventure, and this is your last chance to truly prove your mettle. And in this bleak world of losing hopes and increasing fears, the only salvation you have is a loyal companion who would not leave your side even in the darkest corners.

The creepy and hair-raising background soundtrack does nothing to soothe your nerves. It rather puts you more on edge and makes you scared out of your wits of what may leap out of the shadows around the corner and tear you to pieces. However, that is the weird thing about this terrifyingly nightmarish game. You will be scared to death all through, but there will always be that little voice in your head pushing you to keep walking, pushing you to keep fighting, and pushing you till you reach the other end of the metaphorical tunnel and see the sunshine, hope, and everything good that your life still has to offer you. Would you be able to rise through the nightmare, or will you spiral out of control in the dark and dreary world?


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The darkest adventure in the most fantastical land ever

You play the role of Mono, a hopeful young boy who has fallen upon misfortune and is trapped in the dark, suspenseful, and broken world of The Signal Tower. The residents of the tower are unfriendly, creepy, and, most of all, terrifying. They have spent years and centuries in the tower, waiting to haunt and scare any person who dares to enter. But you aren’t a grown-up, daring adventures to cross your way; you are just a young little boy whose bad luck got him stuck in this dreary and cold world where no one seems to care the least bit about you. Your life has never felt this lonely and dreadsum before.

However, you have someone who helps you keep up the tiny amount of hope that you have. This someone is none other than the decorated raincoat-wearing hero from the first edition of Little Nightmares, Six! What brings a new twist to the whole scenario is that not only is she your companion, but you also have a duty towards her. It is up to you to make sure that she does not spiral out of control and lose her identity in the horrible world of The Signal Tower. Your way out to sunshine and a new life is constantly blocked by tricky puzzles, which you need to solve to move ahead.

And even when you do solve them, your life is made difficult with every step forward by the hosts of horrible residents of The Signal Tower. The woodlands in The Signal Tower are eery and gut-wrenching, and the schools and its teachers are more sinister than Hannibal Lecter. It is up to Six and you to get out of these tricky and scary situations unharmed and not lose the hope that is fueling your life. Because when your hope runs out, your life runs out soon enough. The hair-raising monstrous creatures are abundant here, and there is nothing you can do other than stay courageous and stay hopeful.

Face the terrible threats and save your life

There will always be things out there to haunt you. There will always be creatures in the shadows, ready to scare the life out of you. However, it is up to you to see the bleak light in the land full of darkness and muster up your courage. It is up to you to do anything for survival. Little Nightmares II is a fantastical yet horror game rampant with every scary thing that freaks the lights out of you. Yet, Six and you carry on and do not lose hope. Hope and courage are the only surviving elements that will never give up on you.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your courage and hope in a bundle and set out to face every gut-wrenching hair-raising creature in The Signal Tower.

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