Next Wave Of Steam Greenlight Games To Be Announced On October 15th

Valve has already greenlit ten games with the most notable of the ten being Black Mesa, a Half-Life remake created by the Black Mesa Team. It seems everything is a success so far with Steam Greenlight as Valve is also preparing to Greenlight 10 more games chosen by the community on October 15th. The names of the games haven’t been revealed as of yet, but we should expect to see what they are on October 15th. So far, Steam Greenlight seems to be a really great system to promote and support indie games. There are a few problems with it, which you can read about here, but overall everything seems to be going really well with it all.


My speculation is that we’re going to be seeing a game called Folk Tale by Games Foundry mainly because it seems to be a higher rated game and also a lot of fun, as it is a medieval city builder where you get to command your very own stereotyped peasants. Everyone likes doing that, right? What I would love to see on this next wave of greenlit games is Heaven Variant, which is a side-scrolling shoot ‘em up based off of old classics like Thunder Force. It’s not likely this game will make it in this wave of games as it seems to be pretty far down the list, but I can only hope.


With the announcement of these next ten games so close to Valve’s last Greenlight announcement, we might be picking up speed here and seeing a whole lot more games appear on Steam more frequently as the community surrounding Steam Greenlight continues to grow and vote on a bunch of different games.


Time will only tell what truly gets the go ahead, but what games do you expect to see in this next batch of games?

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