No Typo: New ‘Waiting For Horus’ Gameplay Demonstrated

The developers behind upcoming arena multiplayer third-person shooter Waiting For Horus have released almost ten minutes’ worth of gameplay footage from the game’s closed Beta testing phase.


Developed by Aliceffekt and Henk Boom, who also happen to be the minds behind the Myst-inspired Fract which also due for release late in the year, and Renaud Bedard who of course programmed Fez; Waiting For Horus touts itself as delivering “the speed of Quake in the world of Jet Set Radio Future“. A fast-paced blast-em-up with a beautiful, eye-catching aesthetic design, then? You be the judge.


I’m sure nobody would legitimately doubt Waiting For Horus‘ prowess in the speed department, but there’s clearly a bit of work to do before the game can be brought up to scratch from the standpoint of polish and finesse. Maybe that’s what a Beta’s for, eh?


Still, there are evidently plenty of positives to take from the game’s current build, not least of which is that its bumping soundtrack appears to complement the rapidity the developers are gunning for with considerable efficacy. The subtle touches, like the bullet capsules dropping to the ground after a cathartic bout of gunfire, also raise a genuine smile, so there might just be life in this beast yet.


More information on Waiting For Horus can be found on its official website. To receive further updates on the game, keep an eye on its Facebook page.

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