Numbers Are Addictive in Digit Disorder

Numbers are fun. At least that’s what the developers of Digit Disorder want to convey with their game. They first developed the Mathway App, one of the biggest problem-solving apps, and now they are trying to make their way into games of a similar vain with a mix of crosswords and numbers matching.


Digit Disorder is a simple, yet addictive, twist on match-3 puzzle games. The player is presented with a screen full of tiles – numbers and simple mathematical symbols in each one of them, like addition, subtraction, and the equals sign. The main goal is to form valid expressions with these symbols and achieve every level’s goal, which is generally to use a determined number of tiles. Just like crosswords, players can form these expressions vertically, horizontally and diagonally, even using numbers that are already part of another group of tiles.


There are numerous possibilities for solving each level, and the player is rewarded with one to three stars depending on their performance. Unlike other match-3 games like Bejeweled, the tiles can be moved from their place to any other position, but it’s not always easy. Creativity must be used to its maximum to make the best choices, using the fewest moves, and therefore mastering the game. Of course, there are items to help in doing this from time to time, like changing tiles, and also daily free items to keep you addicted to these tiny numbers.


More than 120 levels await those interested in Digit Disorder. Fortunately, the game can be downloaded for free from the Play Store for Android smartphones, and the iOS version will be coming soon. For those willing to give numbers the chance they deserve, visit the game’s website to find out more.

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