Olvand Invites You to a Sandbox RPG with Community Minigames

A lone developer is working on a game that many people can play, together. Wessel Stoop has been working on Olvand for a few years now, a charming 2D sandbox role-playing game where each player can create his or her own city.

Olvand follows the typical sandbox features at first: Gathering materials, crafting tools, and getting things together to create houses. This isn’t just for player housing, as there are buildings for various functions: Town halls, pubs, and upcoming post offices and banks. Olvand is not meant to be played alone, however. As other players visit other towns, they can engage in minigames. So far, there are duels and fishing contests, but there will be more, such as robbing the banks of neighboring cities.

One of the more interesting minigames involves customizing guns. It looks fairly complex, but more or less, it involves linking all kinds of little points that customize the weapon in almost every aspect. The Olbs, the power sources, can creatively combine with effects like freeze to layer on interesting combinations.

Other than that, Olvand has randomly generated species and forests, plus caves with competitive modes, as well as painting and customizing buildings. One distinguishing feature seems to be the fact that there are no monsters, and the focus seems to be on community play.

The creator keeps adding features to the game, and is open to having more playtesters. You can opt to sign up for that over at Olvand‘s website. You can also read up more on the thoughts behind the features added at the developer’s blog on Indie DB.

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