One Upon Light Comes out of the Dark

It’s always a pleasure to see games come from unexpected places, so we are happy to introduce you to One Upon Light, winner of the Best Game award at IGF China 2013. The game is slated for a PC release later this year, and looks to be a compelling and unique experience.


Developed by Singapore University of Technology and Design’s Game Lab (more casually known as Ice Cream Truck Games), One Upon Light’s concept is unusual. Instead of avoiding the darkness, players will control The Scientist, a photophobic protagonist, and avoid the light in top-down puzzles. Move objects and interact with the environment to keep The Scientist safe in the shadows and finish each level. The art of One Upon Light best resembles Limbo, but with a quirky, polygonal texture to it. While not story driven, One Upon Light will have narrative elements for both the player (and The Scientist) to figure out.


We’ll have more on One Upon Light as it approaches release in the coming months.

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