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Discordianism is an interesting religion/philosophy, one born of the idea that order and chaos are illusionary frameworks created by the mind to make sense of our place in things. It’s much more complex than that, and the works on it delve into some nigh-surreal territory. It’s this kind of philosophical thought that has birthed the oddly-funny, oddly horrific Ossuary from Future Proof Games. Having been available for a while, the developers have just brought the game over to Itch.io to find more people who may be interested in its rich, but extremely strange, dialogue.


Ossuary involves going around speaking to various people within the dark, frightening house of bones players find themselves in. It is just about impossible to know what the people of the world will ask of you, or even what many of them are talking about, most of the time. All the player can know is that each of these people have built their own framework of reality for this odd world they’ve found themselves in, and making sense of it is the only way you’ll find your way through.


Bizarrely funny and often downright confusing, the game aspires to confuse the player’s interpretation of sensible reality, leaving their interpretation of the game world and its inhabitants pliant. If players can just go along with the simultaneously serious and goofy world of Ossuary, the game has a lot of purposeful nonsense in store for them. Scary, enlightening, or perhaps just strange, there’s a demo on the game’s site to try out for yourself.


Ossuary is available for $9.99 on both Itch.io and the developer’s site. For more information on Ossuary and Future Proof Games, go to their website or follow them on Twitter. The game is also looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.

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