Overwatch Tier List Ranked From Best to Worst as of Season 17

In this article, we do our best to create a solid Overwatch tier list for the game's current season. Season 17 brought with it a host of new changes to Blizzard’s online shooter and even introduced a new hero. Thanks to these changes, the current meta is a bit different than you might remember but don’t worry because we’re here to help you stay up to date with who’s worth picking and who isn’t in Overwatch Season 17.

Each hero can be very useful in the hands of the right player but some are definitely better than others. To that end, we’re placing each hero into one of five different categories – S, A, B, C, and D, with S tier being the best and D tier being the worst.

There are a lot of factors that can dictate the usefulness of a hero. A D tier character can sometimes be a great pick if you’re a skilled player and have a good team composition. That said, certain heroes are great regardless of who else is on your team. This tier list will help you decide which of them you should prioritize first. We won’t have detailed descriptions for each of the heroes but we will share our thoughts regarding some of the key ones.

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S Tier

◆ Baptiste

Baptiste is the newest hero to join the Overwatch roster and is already considered one of the best picks at the moment. Despite being a supporting character that's excellent at keeping allies alive, he also has decent damage output and is overall a well-rounded hero.

◆ Moira

Moira is another great pick if you want to go for a Support character. The most recent patch buffed her Biotic Grasp ability so she is now even more efficient at healing and putting pressure on the enemy team.

◆ Reinhardt

Reinhardt has been one of the best Tanks in the game since the beginning and is always a very solid pick. Blizzard didn’t change anything about him in the latest patch but then again, he didn’t really need any changes.

◆ Zarya

Zarya was actually nerfed just a little bit in the latest update. But despite that, she still remains one of the strongest Tanks in the game.

A Tier

◆ Ana

Ana received a nerf to her healing potential in the latest patch but she continues to be a very reliable support character in Season 17.

◆ Va

◆ Junkrat

Junkrat is so good in Season 17 that he almost deserves to be placed higher in our tier list. Almost. But even though he may not be an S tier just yet, Junkrat is stronger than ever thanks to a couple of recent buffs.

◆ Lucio

◆ McCree

McCree recently received a very significant buff to his ultimate ability that made him even deadlier than before. If you weren’t a McCree player until now, Season 17 is the perfect time to check him out.

◆ Reaper

◆ Symmetra

Symmetra wasn’t exactly the best hero when she was first introduced. Thankfully, Blizzard slowly managed to improve her kit to the point where she is now a very solid pick in most team compositions.

B Tier

◆ Ashe

◆ Brigitte

◆ Doomfist

Doomfist got a lot better in the most recent patch thanks to a couple of buffs to his Uppercut and Slam abilities. He’s still not a top pick but he’s definitely worth considering in Season 17.

◆ Hanzo

◆ Orisa

◆ Pharah

Blizzard gave Pharah some love recently by increasing her damage potential. As a result, she is now a much more viable option, though still not as good as other damage dealers.

◆ Solider 76

Soldier 76 continues to be a great hero for players who are still new to Overwatch. The hero received a couple of nice buffs in the latest patch, including a small one to his Heavy Pulse Rifle ability.

◆ Winston

Winston may not be considered a great tank in the current meta but he is definitely not a bad one either. He is still generally outshined by D.Va who tends to perform better overall in Season 17.

◆ Zenyatta

C Tier

◆ Bastion

Bastion has the potential to inflict a lot of damage and be very annoying to the enemy team when played right. Sadly, you won’t come across many situations where you can take full advantage of his kit.

◆ Genji

◆ Mercy

Despite being a must in any team composition back in the day, Mercy is now outperformed by other, more efficient healers. She’s still not a bad pick but there are much better Support heroes to go for in Season 17.

◆ Torbjorn

◆ Tracer

Tracer may be one of the most iconic heroes in Overwatch but that doesn’t make her one of the best. The hero is fairly difficult to learn and she can get countered very easily if you’re not careful. Tracer isn’t bad per se, but we can’t really recommend using her too much in Season 17.

◆ Widowmaker

◆ Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball can be an extremely fun hero to play but his usefulness is rather limited. A recent buff to his Adaptive Shield made him a bit more viable but he’s still far from being a great hero.

D Tier

◆ Mei

Mei is a fan-favorite among many Overwatch players but unfortunately the same cannot be said about Blizzard’s developers. She is a highly situational hero who only works in very specific team compositions. We don’t suggest picking her in Season 17.

◆ Roadhog

◆ Sombra

Sombra is a hero that sounds great on paper but that’s about it. Her abilities might be fun to use, when they land, but it’s usually not worth the hassle given that you can be a lot more helpful to your team by simply picking one of the higher tier heroes.

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Final Thoughts

The Overwatch tier list represents our best attempt at ranking the game’s heroes based on their usefulness in the current meta. It goes without saying that this list is primarily geared towards those who play competitively and are looking to gain an extra edge in battle. If you’re playing the game just for fun and don’t really care about being the best of the best, you can always go with the hero you like best and not worry about anything else. If you want to learn more about Overwatch's heroes make sure to check them out on the official website.


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