Owlchemy Kickstarting Their Choice-Based Adventure ‘Dyscourse’

On Wednesday, Owlchemy Labs, developer of Aaaaculus!Jack Lumber, and Shoot Many Robots, launched a Kickstarter for their latest game, Dyscourse.


Dyscourse is a survival game based on group psychology and heavy decision making.

Players play as Rita, a college grad with an art degree with a full-time job as a barista. As luck would have it, the plane Rita was on crashed onto a deserted island. It’s up to Rita to decide the fate of her fellow surviving passengers.


Dyscourse is the kind of game we’ve always wanted to create,” Owlchemy Labs explains on their Kickstarter page. “It draws inspiration from a multitude of films, books, and other games. To describe Dyscourse in terms of prior successful games, it’s as if you took the interpersonal dramas of The Walking Dead and combined it with the group survival of Oregon Trail, added a healthy dose of Lord Of The Flies, and wrapped it all up in an insanely stylized yet realistic Owlchemy-illustrated world — then slapped a huge NO FREAKING ZOMBIES sticker on it and called it a day.”



With just over $7,000 raised, Owlchemy Labs still has a bit to go in order to make it to their goal of $40,000.


Dyscourse is making its way to Steam, with a beta launching in May.



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