Parasite Seeks to Possess The 8-Bit Genre

The 8-bit world is in for an infectious surprise as Parasite contorts its appearance. The Invasion of the Body Snatchers-esque game features nuances of the 8-bit genre, adding action and puzzle solving, and capturing human or animal vessels.


Parasite players assume the role of a tiny, parasitical space worm invading a human space colony settling on a planet. Irritated by the human settlement, the critter enters through the vents, finds human vessels to control, and destroys the colony from the inside-out. In order to carry on the chaotic plan, the alien worm requires 4 key cards from various corners of the map. Ultimately, its goal is to gain access to the final, central security.


Parasite’s gameplay mechanics feature puzzle solving, from shooting switches afar to avoiding certain obstacles and falls. Hearts are shared between the worm and the possessed bodies. Also, the game will feature a timer for speedrunners, and supports game pad customization.


Parasite is looking to be Greenlit on Steam, but is set to release this month. For more information on  Parasite, be sure to check out the Steam Greenlight page, along with a playable, browser-based demo and desktop download.

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