PAX East 2013: Dungeon Defenders 2 – Move over League of Legends

Move over League of Legends, Dungeon Defenders II is introducing a whole new competitive Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) that borrows a lot of elements from League of Legends but makes the game more approachable and brings in the action to a 3rd person action perspective.  At PAX East, I was able to play a 5v5 competitive match.  The new game mode featured all the trappings of League of Legends; there were 3 different paths to each base, defensive towers prevent your approach, and each hero has their own set of abilities and upgrades.  The big change is this MOBA features Dungeon Defenders bright and colorful graphics and promises to make the popular genre more approachable for casual players.


The Competitive mode already boasts 24 heroes and the exact number for release could creep up to 30+.  Those worried about losing that Dungeon Defenders Tower Defense mechanics have nothing to worry about.  While the MOBA mode will be released first, DDII will still support and feature a fully cooperative tower defense game.  Trendy Entertainment isn’t just mimicking Riot Game’s core competitive gameplay, it’s also trying it’s hand at League of Legends Free 2 Play model.  Dungeon Defenders will be entirely Free 2 Play when it’s released.


The game will launch with 1 map with more heroes and maps coming after release.  For more information on Dungeon Defenders 2, check out the game’s official website.

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