Peaking Out Of The Sand ‘Ostrich Island’ Shows A Beautifully Crafted World To Explore

When you think you have seen it all, along comes a new developer to show you that there is always something new to do and a new direction to take any genre. MeDungeon Games is a one man studio from Finland currently creating Ostrich Island. A very interesting new take on exploration platformer RPGs.


MeDungeon Games decided to add in two very different game modes to try and appeal to a much wider verity of gamer. The first game mode being “relaxed” that will just allow you to wonder around the island and explore and develop your ostrich at your own pace. This mode will really allow the player to explore this beautifully crafted world and get a whole other side out of the game.


The second game mode is escape and it is a much more stressful take on the game. You have only a limited time to escape the islands rising tides making for a much more frantic gameplay experience.  This is more of a time attack mode with increased multipliers and will offer a totally different gameplay to the relaxed mode.


With loads of experience bonuses and hidden extras Ostrich Island aims to be a very complete and a rewarding title with the idea to reward exploration. With a world created to such high specifications the exploration idea hopes to add much depth into the game overall.


Coupled with the exploration is the RPG element allowing you to upgrade and obtain new skills as you continue to explore and avoid enemies and uncover new areas. As you level you will be able to unlock new skills and abilities to help you advance and eventually escape the island.


Ostrich Island seems a very interesting new take on these genres and with a fantastic graphics style in a beautifully crafted world and I believe MeDungeon Games really is onto a fantastic new game here.


Ostrich Island is currently on IndieGoGo and is looking for help from the gaming community to rise a very modest $5 000. If you want to help this one man studio make this game a reality help support him here. There is currently a demo available on the IndieGoGo page also so be sure to give that ago and judge for yourself.


Keep up to date with MeDungeon Games on their official site here.

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