‘Perspective’ Combines First Person Puzzles With 2D Platforming

We’ve just written up a post about the Develop Conference Indie Showcase which highlights the 10 finalists fairly and squarely, because that’s the right thing to do. However, out of those familiar games comes a DigiPen student creation that we’ve never met eyes with before but its blown some minds around here, thus making it very worthy of its very own post. Remember the first time you saw Fez in action and the 2D world suddenly became 3D? Well, take that to the next level and that’s what we’ve got going on here.


Perspective takes what would otherwise be a fairly typical 2D platformer and once again shoves it into a 3D world. This one isn’t confined to the four faces of a cube though, instead, the player is given control of the camera from a first person perspective. While doing this, the screen 2D character is locked in place and once the perspective has been shifted, they can then be unlocked and travel across the world. It’s basically like walking through a 3D level but having to bring a little 2D person with you, sort of.


As usual, these kinds of things always come out like nonsense when futilely explained with words such as this, so you better watch the trailer. You really should!


Impressive, no? We’ll pursue the student developer of Perspective if we can to find out how they pulled this rather marvellous feat off, and to see when are where it might be playable. It is a DigiPen student project which have a good track record of releasing excellent games for free, so we can’t see this being any different.

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