Planet Apolion Sails Towards Greenlight

Planet Apolion, developed by a two-man team, is a hybrid shmup with two unique game styles for players to explore, giving them the option to either concentrate on what they normally enjoy, or try something new. The story, however, remains the same: Earth is no longer inhabitable, so humans have made their way to Apolion, a planet with an ecosystem nearly identical to Earth’s. The problem is that, to the residents, humans are viewed as an invasive species, and they’ll fight back however they can to keep their planet  the way it is.


The story progresses the same through either game mode; one is a pre-planned sidescroller for those who just want to shoot things, while the other is a more detailed, almost open world-style for those who like to be more invested in the outcome. In Arcade mode, a path is already laid out on a map – players will follow the route, which contains both horizontal and vertical scroll screens, to progress. RPG mode gives the player more freedom, offering the options to level up their ship in even more specific ways, choose their own adventure, and move freely about the world. Another key difference between both play styles is the way in which secrets are found, as well as the puzzle element added to the RPG option.


You can vote for Planet Apolion on Steam Greenlight if you’d like to be able to add it to your library in the future. Unfortunately, the creators don’t have social media as of yet, but future videos should be available on their YouTube channel, and if you’ve got a browser that can translate pages, there’s a forum discussion where they’ve answered questions and are posting updates (as of yesterday).


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