Play Never-ending Bonus Stages in Sudden Bonus

I’ve been a fan of Street Fighter since I was a child. My brother used to play it a lot, so one of my earliest experiences with games was with that game and its bonus stages, where the characters had to completely wreck cars or brick walls with their bare hands. Bonus stages were present, but unfortunately they appeared infrequently as opposed to regular fights.


Sudden Bonus, created by the solo developer Lek Chan, features several stages based on the same ones I used to like in my childhood. Players can choose their character and unleash a violent rampage on common day-to-day items, like chalkboards, water gallons, clocks, and lamps as a part of a TV game show. The 16-bit graphics present in those old-school kinds of bonus stages are also present in Sudden Bonus.


The five star characters of the Yonekura family can have their status upgraded as the player earns points and experience, as well as their special moves that vary from quick jabs to a giant laser gun. Also, players can unlock new items to aid them in their brawl and build specific combos each stage for bonus coins and points if they execute a streak of buttons that appears on the screen.


Sudden Bonus is already available for free on Android and iOS devices via the Play Store and the App Store. Further information about the game can be found on the developer’s website.

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