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Once again the fabulous Jonas Kyratzes delivers a heart-felt, whimsy game with a very soft touch to lighten your day. It becomes increasingly difficult to really capture the essence of his games through words; The Fabulous Screech, though short, has a warming effect on your soul. Essentially it’s a point and click adventure set within a playful fantasy setting. The characters are charming through their peculiar nature and the eponymous The Fabulous Screech will appeal to every internet-dwelling human due to his feline form.


The game starts by formally inviting you to the show held by the titular cat; a present from your lover on your anniversary. Jonas reveals that he was actually approached to make the game for a lady named Angie as an anniversary gift for her boyfriend who was a fan of Jonas’ work. You enter this land of Oddness and what pursues is an almost Scrooge-like tale from which you emerge touched and reflective of your life.


Looking back over the experience of playing The Fabulous Screech, I don’t know how Jonas managed to cram such a personable tale into such a short game – but of course, to fully grasp the game’s meaning one must play it at an appreciative pace. You should make sure to soak in the many subtle jokes awaiting your curious click and speak to each of the creatures who beam personality.


What makes the game just so special though, is the blend of Jonas’ delicate words and a perfect choice of music. A range of stringed instruments elegantly stir the game’s emotion, unlocking you gently so as to whoosh an overwhelming self-reflection and joy inside you at the end. Once again, Jonas shows us just how beautiful life can be…it’s almost tear inducing.


You can find out more information about The Fabulous Screech on the official site, but you’ll want to head over here to play it.

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