Cast Your Ocular Receptors Over This ‘Primordia’ Teaser Trailer

Wadjet Eye Games have really been cementing their place as the second coming of Lucasarts these past few years. They’ve put out a steady stream of well-written, thoughtful and interestingly themed point-and-click adventures, and now they’re ready to tease their next project – Primordia. Here’s the brooding, atmospheric first trailer:


A dark, apocalyptic cyberpunk aesthetic here, and a story revolving around a machine-city falling into corruption and disrepair in the absence of human control. All of this, and it’s narrated by Logan Cunningham, the inimitable voice of Rucks from Bastion. The art (while slightly low-res, admittedly) looks fantastic, and reminds me a lot of Beneath a Steel Sky. This is on the grungy, worn-down end of the cyberpunk scale for sure.


No specific release date on this one yet, but Wadjet Eye are aiming for the fourth quarter of this year. We’ll be covering news on this one as it unfolds, but you can follow the development of the game and read up some more on the official site here.

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