Project Stormos Needs Your Help!

Rob Storm has been working on his shining star of a project for a good few years now, and although the end is nearing, there is still one last push to be made. Project Stormos is a fantastic hardcore platformer that has you play as Robo – a mad dashing robot determined to free his robot and human friends from the grips of the mysterious Designers. This is a platformer with a twist though, as it challenges you to touch no platforms whatsoever. Huh? Yep, that’s right. The game focuses heavily of the use of an Aerial Dash that when used effectively, can allow Robo to literally fly through the levels. Maintaining airtime is done so by dashing into the little yellow orbs, or killing the robot enemies. Pink is the colour of danger in this game though, and many pink projectiles and laser barriers will have to be dashed around, other wise Robo will be sent hurtling to his fiery death.

Supplied with the game is a brilliant level editor that will ensure that there is plenty of content after release. In fact, most of the levels in the game are made with the same level editor. But now to business. Project Stormos has been in production since 2006 as a project that Rob has maintained in between various other jobs. He is currently seeking a little more money so he can focus on polishing the game, adding loads of extra levels, and make some kind of progress towards a release on consoles – which would do the game heaps of justice. He currently has a Kickstarter campaign ongoing to help raise the money, so if you want a chance to play the game yourself either on your Mac or PC, get over to the campaign and invest!


Also make sure to subscribe to Project Stormos’ YouTube channel for more video updates as Rob posts them. Rob’s blog is certainly worth checking out too!

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