Pulse Gameplay Footage

Cipher Prime was kind enough to send over some of the first gameplay footage of their upcoming iPad game, Pulse.  IGM was lucky enough to play a near final build of Pulse when we visited Cipher Prime Studios a few weeks ago.  Fans of rhythm games are in for a real treat when Pulse comes to the iPad App Store.


The game begins with a pulse that radiates over a series of concentric circles. Players tapnotes as they are crossed by the pulse as it expands in time with the music. Beautiful graphics blossom and float outwards with each successfully timed hit.


Pulse is propelled by its original soundtrack. Each level showcases a different song, and the game features eight original tracks from the Cipher Prime team. Cipher Prime will also regularly release free tracks written for Pulse by independent local Philadelphia musical artists. These songs will be available specifically for individual levels. This provides an eclectic soundtrack for the game, incorporating genres from chip-tune to nerdcoreto death metal all while supporting the burgeoning Philadelphia music scene.

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