“Putin Gay Dress Up” Makes a Political Statement

The Sochi Olympics this year have been talked about all over the news, but not always in the sports angle. Life in Russia came under a global scrutiny as human rights, especially those of the LGBT community, increased in exposure. Sochi mayor Anatoly Pakhomov claims that no gay people live in his town (gasp, they do), and Russian President Vladimir Putin famously said that gays will be safe as long as they “leave kids alone“.

Well, Mr. Putin, it’s time to change your image.

Now you and your friends can help him by playing Putin Gay Dress Up, a flash game where you can dress the Russian in a myriad of flattering outfits, just to brighten up his personality a bit. The game features dozens of combinations which come from using accessories like chains and chihuahuas, lots of headgear, a Pussy Riot shirt, a bra, skirts and tights, and different backgrounds, including Obama’s office (oh my!).

Jokes aside, as the issue is serious — a group of coders from Amsterdam, Netherlands put this up as a humorous way to highlight and bring attention to a serious issue; which is the lives and quality of life of LGBT individuals in Russia. Putin Gay Dress Up facilitates this by permitting sharing of your best Putin creations with the world in its gallery, already containing over 6,000 photos. Those, in turn, can be posted on Twitter and Facebook.

Since its inception earlier this week, Putin Gay Dress Up has enjoyed over 100,000 views.

Image credit: Putin #6208 by Ariane.

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