‘Rage Runner’ Every Second Counts In This Fast Paced Arcade Racer

With the Ouya coming out later this year we being to see more and more companies start developing titles for the platform. With this we see a spark of innovation as Rage Runner blasts on to our screens.


Rage Runner is a new racing game from Hypercane Studios and takes a rather different approach to racing in this game that focuses largely on twitch reflexes and split second decisions. In Rage Runner you take command of a ship which you must fly through all manner of labyrinth courses ducking, dodging and diving to avoid eminent death.


It looks a promising new title that reminds me of games like podracing and of course the moment Luke flies into the Death Star, so what is not to love. Using your force powers would indeed help here as the obstacles come fast and furious along with all manner of power-ups that offer up many different risk reward situations for you to explore.


Games like Rage Runner have fallen distinctly out of favour of the past few years but with a gap in the market slowly widening, and (I’m sure) enough crazy people willing to risk life and limb to set high scores on them there is indeed a need here.


Rage Runner aims to be released in April of this year, just beating the Ouya release but is also aiming to be made available on Windows based computers and Android devices.  To find out more about Rage Runner be sure to head to IndieDB or Hypercane Studios official site.

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