‘Ravaged’ Gets New Free Content and New Low Price

One of Ravaged’s biggest flaws was the lack of people actually playing the game. Ravaged developer 2 Dawn Games has been hard at work, since Ravaged’s release last month, listening to fans and tweaking the game to be more accessible, and more refined, to attract a larger audience.


Recently, 2 Dawn Games officially revealed some of their new long-term plans they have which are geared at combating the overall absence of players.


2 Dawn Games released a podcast-interview-thing that goes over some of the upcoming changes to the game. The video is strangely staged, but the information is there…regardless of how the “interviewer” chooses to present it.


One of the highlights of the new information is that Ravaged will have a reduced price during the Steam Autumn Sale which is running through the 27th of November. Originally, Ravaged was $24.99…but during the sale, Ravaged is merely $4.99.


But(!) Ravaged is currently (at the time of this writing) a flash-sale, and can be bought for just $3.39. This flash-sale is only available for a short time, and might, return later on in the sale but that is not certain. So act quickly to take advantage of the offer. Once the Autumn Sale is over, Ravaged will go back up to it’s new lower base price of $9.99.


Some of the other updates mentioned were the inclusion of new weapons, like a nail-gun, and vehicles, like the tractor-tank; tweaks to some of the vehicles, a new weapon unlock system, and more.


2 Dawn Games also mentioned that the free demo of Ravaged will be pulled following the Autumn Sale.


Visit the official Ravaged website, and follow 2 Dawn Games on Twitter. Be sure to pick up Ravaged in the Steam Store during the Autumn Sale for a bargain.

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