Red Cobra on Kickstarter – A Shmup/Metroidvania Hybrid

The indie development studio Adversary Games is currently working on Red Cobra, their first official game. The game fuses Shmup gameplay with Metroidvania exploration, puzzles, and more.


Red Cobra is primarily a 2D shooter that allows players to fire in a 360 degree range. The different Metroidvania elements appear in different levels, bringing environmental puzzles into the mix. Players will have the ability to pick up and drop objects, which will be necessary to move on in certain areas. There will also be boss battles of many types, and they are promised to be more complicated than simply doing enough damage. Players will need to use their wits as well as their skill.


Red Cobra is set in a world poised for war, and when the Allied Nations’ last hope to halt an invasion was shot down, they sent their last resort on a suicide mission. Players will move through a variety of wildly different environments while they explore the world.


Red Cobra is currently on Kickstarter and hoping to secure their minimum funding of $60,000 by November 13, 2014, and is also on Steam Greenlight. The minimum amount will fund development for PC and Mac desktops, with versions on PS4, Vita, Xbox One, and Wii U possible through meeting stretch goals. Gamers can learn more about Adversary Games by following them on Twitter or Facebook.

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