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The Best Resident Evil 2 Mods You Need to Try Out Right Now

Resident Evil 2 has come a long way, and the developers, Capcom, have, without a doubt, done a superb job on every installment of Resident Evil. The gameplay is amazingly terrifying, and the characters are superb. However, every perfect thing still has a little more scope of becoming even better. This is why the mods community has been so grateful for Resident Evil 2 and has brought in a host of multiple mods that make the gameplay of Resident Evil 2 even more amazing and to die for.

This horror and survival game has always been scary and gut-wrenching. Survival has never felt this horrifying and awesome before. Resident Evil 2 is sure to blow your minds away, and the mods are further enhancing every facet of the game. While you are free to try every mod available out there, here is a list of the best Resident Evil 2 mods you simply cannot miss out on and need to try right now:

Classic UI mod 

It is quite often said that old is gold. If you have played the original game, you will remember the heavy influences of blue all over the game. While Resident Evil 2 is way refined and polished and definitely makes for a better gameplay interface, you might feel nostalgic and wish to play it in the original UI. This is where the Classic UI mod comes into play. It does not bring many changes to the gameplay itself or downgrades the features in the game, but it brings back the classic look of the game and will make you want to revisit the entire Resident Evil collection all at once. It works well even on low-grade PCs, and the blue colors and the old-school character icons are sure to take you on a trip down memory lane.

First-Person mod

Now, playing in third-person has many benefits. The camera angle makes it easier for you to scope out your environment, plan attacks on the villains, and even shoot-out the monsters. However, it makes for a more passive and subdued experience since you cannot really experience the true horrors of the game in third-person. This is where you can bring in the First-Person mod. It changes the camera view for you to play in first-person and makes everything way more terrifying and scary. So, if you are looking to scare yourself and make playing Resident Evil 2 an even more terrifying experience than it already is, the First-Person mod is the way to go.

Beach Ready Mr. X mod

Anyone even remotely familiar with Resident Evil knows how scary Mr. X is. If he scares the wits out of you too, here is something that can help you with the pangs of terror and visualize Mr. X in a way that is sure to bring out the giggles. The Beach Ready Mr. X mod adds flip flops and sunglasses to Mr. X, accompanied by the most hilarious addition – an umbrella-themed thong. The cruel and menacing Mr. X has never looked funnier than before. Before you can realize that he is after you to ‘gut’ you, you will keep laughing at how ridiculous he looks. This is a great mod to relieve you of the horrors of this game for a few seconds and see past its terrifying gameplay.

VHS Effects mod

The rise of multiple effects mods has made one thing certain for sure – Resident Evil 2 is a terrifying game full of horrors, and players will do anything to make it a little less scary for themselves. This is exactly what the VHS Effects mod does too. It changes the colors and shadows in the game to give it a heavy retro look and make it just a little bit less terrifying. This mod does not interfere with the gameplay of Resident Evil 2, and neither offers any such upgrades. It simply changes the visual effects of the game to make it look like you are playing it on a VHS tape. Anything to make it less terrifying, right?

The Return of Nemesis mod

Now, this mod is for the ones who are looking for a true-blue terrifying experience ready to give them a heart attack. If you gain in on the horrors of the game, you would want to use The Return of Nemesis mod and replace Mr. X with the menacing Nemesis. If you thought Mr. X scared the living life out of you, you need to think again. The gory and beastly way in which Nemesis kills will torment you for life, and you will never be able to take out the scene of you dying at Nemesis’s hand out of your head. Combined with the scary background score and terrifying visuals, The Return of Nemesis mod truly takes you on a horror journey like never before.

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