‘Retrobooster’ Expects Blast Off Next Year

As a race we have always been interested in space, from the ancient civilizations who looked out to the heavens for answers. To the modern fixation on exploration of the unknown, space has always been ingrained in our society. It’s because of this it often appears as a major theme in many video games.


From the earlier days of gaming to the modern there has always been a fascination with space. Maybe it is the unknown nature and mysterious qualities that captivate a whole race to be in awe of it. But it does always make for a fun and interesting game which Really Slick hope to emulate with Retrobooster.


Being created as a hobby project for a while now Retrobooster by Really Slick has finally been taking up as a full time development project and is expected to be launched next year.


Retrobooster is a 2.5D survival shooter and cave-flyer. The idea is to not over shadow the flying elements by the much more classically popular shooting aspects. So a great deal of effort has been put into making piloting the ship equally as fun as fighting with it. Check out the trailer below:


Expect to undertake fast and frantic flying through the many obstacles Really Slick throw at you. Being combined with a nice dash of bullet hell and of course pyrotechnics, just for good measure.


With over 30 levels and four difficulty levels expect to get a lot of gameplay from Retrobooster making for a very substantial game. Alongside this expect to see up to four player split screen and full cooperative options along with a deathmatch multiplayer mode.


Retrobooster looks and sounds to be an interesting new addition to the space shooter genre and one you should check out. There is a demo version available here so if this sounds like a game you would play go give it a try.


The Really Slick official site can be found here, if you like the game consider helping them get onto Greenlight here.

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