Rudi Rainbow mixes Education with Multi-Colored Joy

You know there’s something wrong with nature when even a rainbow loses its colors. Especially when that rainbow is a cute munchkin guy called Rudi. Rudi Rainbow is an interactive storybook app for kids 6 and up in which they must help Rudi retrieve his lost colors while learning about the weather in the process. Developed through the collaborative efforts of Felicitas Haas, Martina Holler, and Daniel WiedemannRudi Rainbow takes place in a city called Novemberville, where each resident plays a part in the very important task of fulfilling the weather forecast. Alas, a huge storm turns up out of the blue, uninvited, and blows away Rudi’s colors so that he and his friends must head out to look for them.


The app, which is designed for iPad, will feature over 30 illustrated scenes filled with hidden animations and sound effects. Tilting the iPad will engage the app’s parallax effect, which reveals more of the game screen. Kids have the chance to apply their knowledge in 6 mini games, and can choose to listen to a narration of the game’s story in either German or English, or read through the script by themselves. Rudi will encounter many helpful residents of Novemberville throughout his journey, including Stella Star, Charlie Cloud, Harold Hurricane, and Peter Polaris, who each try to assist the sad little rainbow in their own way.


Now on KickstarterRudi Rainbow has successfully raised £1,272 of its £7,000 funding goal. Some of the backer rewards include framed-art prints, hand-knitted rainbow socks (knitted by passionate knitters all over Germany), and adorable organic t-shirts with the character of your choice. Rudi Rainbow is currently planned for an App Store release, but has a stretch goal for a Android tablet version as well. Stay up to date with Rudi Rainbow by following the game on Twitter and liking it on Facebook.

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