RunZoo Encourages #FunWithoutBorders

RunZoo could be just another regular infinite runner trying to make its way on mobile devices among the other thousands out there, but it’s not. The game is the result of the #FunWithoutBorders campaign on Indiegogo, created by Bandura Games, which is also not an average studio. Bandura was co-founded by a North American, an Israeli, and a Palestinian, and their main goal with RunZoo is to show how kids sharing experiences in cooperative games can “forge bonds that can last a lifetime.”


In previous works, the team had already tested cooperative games in both Israeli and Palestinian schools to see how it affects the kids, and they’ve discovered that around 80% of the young players prefer to play cooperative games rather than single player because “their partners cared about their success in the game.” Using the worldwide famous endless runner genre, the team expects to turn this experience into an unique way to connect young players around the world according to their shared interests.


The game itself is about two animals who are trying to escape a zoo and find the animal paradise. Players need to work together to complete missions, and even save their partners from defeat. As missions are completed, both players can start discovering details about their partners such as where they are playing from and what they have in common.


RunZoo is very close to their funding goal on IndieGogo, where they have raised 86% of the money they need by the time of this writing. The game is expected to be launched by Summer 2016 for Android and iOS devices. To understand more of Bandura’s mission and game, visit their official website and follow them on Twitter.

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