Screenshot Weekly – Sentinel Couriers Headed For the Cathedral

Welcome back to Screenshot Weekly! Every Saturday, IGM brings you exclusive looks at upcoming games in various stages of development. The featured image introducing each game will always be original, and made especially for IGM, so you’ll see them for the first time right here! Now without further ado, let’s take a look at this week’s screenshots:


“In Cathedral, players are challenged to explore a vast world full of fantasy and secrets. The game starts out with the player crashing onto the rooftops of an epic cathedral, with no recollection of the events that lead to this point. However, soon the hero finds a huge door at the bottom of the cathedral, with seven slots meant for the so-called elemental orbs.” That intro comes courtesy of Decemberborn Games, a two-man team looking to draw inspiration from classic NES adventure games. “Cathedral‘s main focus is exploration, and what we’re constantly trying to do is not only look back at all the great NES-titles we played, but actually look at what made them so great and innovate those qualities further to create a nostalgic experience, which is still progressive enough to stand completely on its own,” says composer Aron Kramer. Get the details on Cathedral‘s impending Kickstarter, before it eventually launches on PC, Mac, and Linux, via Facebook or their website.


“Experience a different kind of RPG” boasts the homepage for Courier. Specifically, developer Adam Prack explains the game as “an action-adventure RPG along the lines of a Zelda game, but you don’t play as a typical hero. You play as a mail carrier.” Mailmen are heroes in their own way, but in Courier “You set out on an adventure not just to prevent a great evil from carrying out their plans, but to bring the truth to light that others don’t want to know. Along the way, you re-open communication routes — both between locations and between people — to reunite the kingdom of Veilend in a way only a peaceful character could.”  By peaceful, Prack means the character has no attack options, so players must use the environment to survive. “Importantly, you can also choose to play as either a guy or a girl, and characters will respond accordingly,” he adds. Courier is scheduled to release in Spring of 2016. It will initially debut on Steam, though Prack has not ruled out other potential platforms.

Hyper Sentinel

We haven’t covered a shmup in a while so… why not Hyper Sentinel? Jonathan Port of Four5Six Pixel describes the game as “a super fast, silky smooth shoot ‘em up running at 60fps and coming this Winter for iPhone and iPad. It has some strong influences from the Commodore 64 game Uridium (Andrew Braybrook) as well as from ’80s ZX Spectrum games such as TLL and Highway Encounter (Costa Panayi).” Taking place in a distant galaxy, Hyper Sentinel puts players in control of an assault ship tasked with disabling enemy battle cruisers. The player ship is greatly out-sized, but highly maneuverable, and can perform flips or round-ups to evade enemies and obstacles. “The game takes a slightly unusual approach for a shoot ‘em up, in that there are no lives in the game, instead it uses an energy level system that will automatically regenerate after a duration of non-contact (it works in a similar way to games like Halo),” mentions Port. Keep up with the game @four5sixpixel.

That’s it for this installment of Screenshot Weekly. Be sure to come back next week to see more exclusive looks of the latest indie games in development! Let us know in the comments section what upcoming indie games you’d like to see featured in a future segment. As for any indie developers who would like to see their screenshots featured right here, feel free to send an email to IGM at [email protected] with the Subject Line: “Screenshot Weekly.” Or, if you’d like to be part of our Magazine’s Screenshot Monthly segment, include that in the email as well!

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